The important thing is not to stop questioning.
- Albert Einstein   [link] [Rating: 4]

I think we scared away our Mexican.
- Scott O'Dell, in a German youth hostel   [link] [Rating: 6]

Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now.
- Unknown   [link] [Rating: 0]

An unbreakable toy is useful for breaking other toys.
- Unknown   [link] [Rating: 5]

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing..if you can fake that, you've got it made.
- Groucho Marx   [link] [Rating: 3]

Bob Dole feels your pain.
- Bob Dole   [link] [Rating: 4]

I can only pray that your personal magnetism won't erase my hard drive.
- Dilbert   [link] [Rating: 0]

My plan is to buy all the property on Earth and evict everybody who doesn't agree to be my puppet.
- Dogbert   [link] [Rating: 0]

He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife.
- Douglas Adams; Life, the Universe, and Everything Else   [link] [Rating: 0]

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.
- Unknown   [link] [Rating: 0]

Forty seconds? But I want it now!
- Homer Simpson   [link] [Rating: 0]

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
- Albert Einstein   [link] [Rating: 0]

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
- Albert Einstein   [link] [Rating: 0]

And here, we find ourselves hunting the acute angle in its natural habitat.
- Michelle Gutierrez   [link] [Rating: 0]

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
- Douglas Adams; The Restauraunt at the end of the Universe   [link] [Rating: 0]

There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler's mind.
- Douglas Adams; So long, and Thanks for all the Fish   [link] [Rating: 4]

Infinite: Bigger than the biggest thing ever and then some. Much bigger than that in fact, really amazingly immense, a totally stunning size, 'wow, that's big', time. Infinity is just so big that by comparison, bigness itself looks really titchy. Gigantic multiplied by colossal multiplied by staggeringly huge is the sort of concept we're trying to get across here.
- Douglas Adams; The Restauraunt at the end of the Universe   [link] [Rating: 0]

You're not supposed to call me annoying! I'm fasinating and wonderful, remeber?!
- Jila Bazrafkan   [link] [Rating: 1]

If me Lucky Frosted Charms are so magically delicious, as they are on the commercials, then why aren't kids addicted to Lucky Charms like they would be to the 'magical' crack?
- Nick Hammett   [link] [Rating: 3]

I have just determined that I can lap up water better with a forward/upward motion of my tongue than with a backward/downward motion. Boredom leads to crazy discoveries.
- Nick Hammett   [link] [Rating: 3]

I was just wondering, well, not just, rather a few minutes ago but that could be counted as 'just,' ... crap. I forgot what I was wondering not so long ago. I know it wasn't important. Otherwise I would have remembered. At least I think I would have.
- Nick Hammett   [link] [Rating: 4]

I think I am having some sort of mental situation, ya know, an episode or something.
- Nick Hammett   [link] [Rating: 5]

He would make a lovely corpse.
- Charles Dickens   [link] [Rating: 0]

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
- Albert Einstein   [link] [Rating: 5]

Why can't I have everything? I can't decide!
- Jila Bazrafkan   [link] [Rating: 2]

'Ford!' he said. 'there's an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they've worked out.'
- Douglas Adams   [link] [Rating: 0]

Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future. You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable. That is why you are here. And now, for the first time, we are bringing to you the full story of what happened on that fateful day. We are giving you all the evidence, based only on the secret testimonies of the miserable souls who survived this terrifying ordeal. The incidents, the places, my friend we cannot keep this a secret any longer. Let us punish the guilty, let us reward the innocent. My friend, can your heart stand the shocking facts about grave robbers from outer space?
- Criswell, Plan 9 From Outer Space   [link] [Rating: 6]

I thought you were saying the 'Flying Nun from Outer Space'...
- Heidi, regarding 'Plan Nine From Outer Space'   [link] [Rating: 1]

'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! 'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!
- Customer (John Cleese) of the "Parrot Sketch"   [link] [Rating: 0]

Shift is WAY too close to Enter for my own sanity.
- Sickness, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

The brain part called the medulla has four major functions called the 'F' functions: feeding, fighting, flight, and mating.
- Milla's sig, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

I would just like to say that the quotes on your webpage have given me endless amusement..... they have also made me a bit bonkers.
- Jenni, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh The Socialist gem. Heres a clue snot nose, I don't want or need your help. Pack your arrogant elitist crap up and move out. You couldn't work your way out of the circumstances you were born into if you cared to try. However, most of the rest of the world is simply looking for a job, and an opportunity. Your brand of help is the same crap the Elitists have been handing out for a century now. It does not lead to indiependance, it leads to dependance. Shut the hell up and get out of the way of progress.
- MG, bashing Sated, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

I sense people are bored with this.
- Rob Young, after droning for an hour about logarithms.   [link] [Rating: 0]

i just had a bad mental image of capn' picard using the enterpize to hump greece...
- Jon, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Welcome to Anal Pleasure, this is Emma, can I help you?
- Nicole (Emma), R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Just when I have's ejaculated upon.
- Brandon, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

*is linguist*
*knows how all your accents came about*
*knowledge = power*
*is god*
- Owen, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Aw. I was hoping for some sort of climactic battle, with Berserk Sushi using long drawn out arguments to fuck their minds, and Xulien calling them all flaming Liberals, with you telling everyone they shouldn't be naughty, and Mike laughing at you for no real reason, and Sickness eating everyone's children, and me posting inane irrelevent babble, and Gregor "heh" ing at zings both ways and Sven posting a one liner about something vaguely relevant and and and and Owen "quite" ing and AD roaring at everyone and calling them weak fucking slaves and everyone else looking around confused with Scott rolling his eyes silently as CD comments on everyones' sexuality and Heidi laughing at everyone's misery.

Oh, and Sarah commenting on the size of her penis. [nod]

oh oh oh

and spoons going "FIGHT, MY PEONS, FIGHT!"

Oh, and [llama is] the grand finale, although it's late and I won't explain why my little cup cake.
- Jason, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

What's this? Xulien doesn't know EVERYTHING about ANYTHING?

Surely not. We need him to enlighten us with his opinions every five seconds.
- Jenny, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

I think I'll just thrash about until some environmentalist or something comes and sets me free.
- Ryan R, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

You live to mess with my head, don't you HTML boy?
- Brandon, to Scott, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Yes, darling. I am a jackass.

But, keep in mind, I'm a jackass who utilizes proper grammar.
- Zin, showing a newbie their place, R+M   [link] [Rating: 5]

jon told me so - it must be right, then.
- Nuke, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Scott is a rice fiend.
- Glucose Syrup, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

You've missed the point. Completely, entirely, and remarkably well, even after it was layed out in such a way that missing the point was damned hard to do.
- Ryan Murphy, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]






And that's how I ended up in jail. ;_;
- Scott, best post ever   [link] [Rating: 0]

It happens. Grammar whores are human, too. :D
- Jennu, LJ   [link] [Rating: 4]

But Jon's inevitable whining is the soundtrack to Rum & Monkey.

Without it, it'd be like watching a court room drama with the sound turned off.

Besides - it's good to let Jon whinge - that way we know he's at home in front of his computer, not out stealing people's pets and boiling the flesh from their bones.
- Gregor, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Look out for the one who calls himself Carrot.
- Threepwood, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

[14:35] *** Ryan G has joined the chat.
[14:36] Ryan G: who are all these people?
[14:36] Ryan G: Are there two Scotts here?
[14:37] Ryan G: unless they're all scotts
[14:37] Ryan G: i'm scared
[16:03] *** Luthien Elentari has joined the chat.
[16:04] Luthien Elentari: Hello Scott and Scott and Scott and Scott and Scott and Scott and Scott and Scott
[16:08] *** Luthien Elentari has left the chat.
[17:19] *** Cat! has joined the chat.
[17:19] Cat!: whoa
[17:20] *** Cat! has left the chat.
[17:54] *** Cat! has joined the chat.
[17:54] *** Cat! has left the chat.
[17:58] *** Andy has joined the chat.
[17:58] Andy: god is dead
[17:59] Andy: with a dildo
[17:59] Andy: fucking whore
[17:59] Andy: you so fucking suck
[18:00] *** Andy has left the chat.
[18:31] *** Regalarius has joined the chat.
[18:32] Regalarius: I'm here now Cat!!
[18:32] Regalarius: ...where's cat!?
[18:32] Regalarius: No Cat!? Bye bye! :-)
[18:32] *** Regalarius has left the chat.
[18:41] *** Cat! has joined the chat.
[18:41] *** Cat! has left the chat.
[18:43] *** Ryan G has left the chat.
[19:21] *** dailyserendipity has joined the chat.
[19:22] *** dailyserendipity has left the chat.
[20:19] *** Merrit has joined the chat.
[20:19] Merrit: hey
[20:20] Merrit: scott
[20:32] *** Merrit has left the chat.
[20:37] *** dailyserendipity has joined the chat.
[20:38] *** dailyserendipity has left the chat.
[21:11] *** Merrit has joined the chat.
[21:18] *** Heidi has joined the chat.
[21:19] Heidi: dear god they're all scott
[21:19] Heidi: this is the worst fun ever
[21:19] *** Heidi has left the chat.
[21:41] *** Merrit has left the chat.
[22:45] Me (murr): best. chat log. ever.
[22:45] Me (pan): I agree.
[22:45] Me (god): And so do I!
[22:45] Me (funn): Amazing!
[22:45] Me (toes): Isn't it?
[22:45] Me (puct): Not reallt.
[22:45] Me (name): *really.
[22:45] Me (more): Yeah.
- The Rum and Monkey chatroom   [link] [Rating: 2]

Scott's an evil genius in a bond film.
- Jenny, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]



- Stephen (Arturus), R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]



- Scott, regarding the discussion of Jon's banning, R+M   [link] [Rating: 3]

Faith means not wanting to know what's true.
- Friedrich Nietzsche   [link] [Rating: 0]

On I think Sunday night I spent the entire night hallucinating that I was an astronaut? I kept cuddling the pillow and thinking "if I rest my head on the ship's rocket just right then I can breathe loudly enough to block out the sound of my thinking and fall asleep" and then I started panicking because at first I thought there were three rockets, and then I realised there was just the one I was cuddling, and it meant I had failed and lost the other two. Then I was all "WTF THIS IS A PILLOW WHERE AM I?"

This is why I prefer sleeping at night.
- Jason (Schmitt), R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

If I were stranded on a desert isle, and all the women-folk died of dysentery, and it has been a couple of years, I would want Balthasar there....and Scott, but only if he brings his pink wig.
- Mars, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

[Science] may be access to a kind of immortality, of however unusual a variety, which makes [it] such an attractive option for intelligent people seeking meaning in their lives. In our secular age, other promises of continued existence post-mortem have lost their persuasiveness. If moral virtue must too often be its own reward, scientific virtue carries the promise of a reward of permanence, of making a difference.
- Richard Fortey, in Trilobite   [link] [Rating: 5]

- Gregor Stronach   [link] [Rating: 3]

Scott: East Asian Civilization 2, that would mean you probably need a prerequisite.
Michelle: I'm Asian; does that count?
- Scott and Michelle, in reference to college courses.   [link] [Rating: 3]

<Liz> I'm so confused
<Liz> :(
*** Scott has changed the topic on channel #r+m to <Liz> I'm so confused
<Kaija> :D
<Liz> Scott is an evil, evil man
<Kaija> Scott is amusing.
<Liz> Which I have always known
<Brandon> Yes, yes he is.
- #r+m   [link] [Rating: 0]

Sadly, you're probably sober and typing like that.
- Liz, to Scott, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

I don't think any good apologies end with a burning corpse.
- Nick S., LiveJournal   [link] [Rating: 3]

I hate Nick.
- Scott O'Dell   [link] [Rating: 0]

I was reading the S*P archives and I have come to the resounding conclusion that Davan is cartoon Scott.
- Ashley, LJ   [link] [Rating: 0]

I'm magical. Like scott, except without the internet.
- Cass, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

<faggy> :D today at work, someone was late, so i quickly made a banner and hung it up: "Way to show up on time SLACKER. Glad you could make it. PS : No one loves you."
<Ashley> :D
<Jessica> :D
<Ashley> Just so you know.
- #r+m   [link] [Rating: 0]

I am officially styling myself after Scott.

I shall heretoforth cease with my long winded silliness and keep my comments succinct, biting, and witty. I shall no longer post in SD because that would be frivolous and arguing with you simpletons is below me.

I shall endevour to at all times be aloof and self-assured in my omnipotent righteousness.

Bow down to me now, for I am great.

You may respond
- Cass, R+M   [link] [Rating: 6]

I was actually trying to remember if you had ginger hair or not but ultimately decided your natural hair colour is blue.
- Jason, R+M   [link] [Rating: 4]

It's not that I don't like milk; it's just that I don't actively seek milk.
- Jila Bazrafkan   [link] [Rating: 0]

I completely agree with my statement!
- Jila Bazrafkan   [link] [Rating: 0]

Yeah. Little boy's undies: Mm-mm-good. I like to wear them as a hat.
- Brandon   [link] [Rating: 6]

Scott, the browser hijacker of the seven network servers, @rr.
- Virgil, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Scott my code looks so nasty compared to yours.
- Ashley, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.
- Douglas Adams   [link] [Rating: 1]

I'm with Jojo- I also quite enjoy women making out. But think of it this way, okay? Say you have, oh, I don't know... how about a cup of pudding. Sweet, delicious, creamy pudding. What could possibly be better than this cup of pudding?

Two cups of pudding. Making out with each other.
- Susan, R+M   [link] [Rating: 6]

Jenny: Oh god Q[uestionable] C[ontent] makes me cringe with how shitty it is. Also, worse use of panel space ever.
Seth: If you don't like it don't look at it.
Sarah: I didn't know it was so offensive to give your opinion on the internet, but that's just me reading your post in the least charitable way possible.
Pike: There will always be people who hate the things that you like. This is doubly true when it comes to the internet. Especially if you like, for example, Hitler.
Scott: I like pens.
Sarah: You monster.
Susan: Who is flying plane?
Helen: French toast is flying plane! OMFG, how can this be?
- Rum and Monkey Discussion Board   [link] [Rating: 5]

God damn it, I was trying to make a post without homoerotic overtones for once.
- Pike, R+M   [link] [Rating: 5]

Astrid the Tame: I was hoping someone would mention the Spanish Inquisition but then again, I guess one should never expect the Spanish Inquisition...
Gail: That was a bit forced.
Astrid the Tame: It certainly beats a 4-words-or-less reply...
Gail: I'm afraid I must disagree.
Astrid the Tame: Okay.
Pike: ... And so one of the great debates of our time draws to a close.
Gail: I think I won.
- Rum and Monkey Discussion Board   [link] [Rating: 6]

Scott is everyone's hero. He belongs to the whole world, like the moon.
- Pike, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]

Jila: Shave off your chops! They make you look like a Tacoman.
Scott: But I am a Tacoman.
Jila: That's not exactly something to aspire to.
- Scott & Jila   [link] [Rating: 5]

Man, I wanted Hugh Jackman to win. Wolverine is so much cooler than Batman.
- Jermy, after viewing The Prestige   [link] [Rating: 0]

Scott's World.

It's kinda like Wayne's World, but less lame and with more alcohol.
- Seth, R+M   [link] [Rating: 4]

I want somebody to die choking on my nuts.
- Scott   [link] [Rating: 5]

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