Aw. I was hoping for some sort of climactic battle, with Berserk Sushi using long drawn out arguments to fuck their minds, and Xulien calling them all flaming Liberals, with you telling everyone they shouldn't be naughty, and Mike laughing at you for no real reason, and Sickness eating everyone's children, and me posting inane irrelevent babble, and Gregor "heh" ing at zings both ways and Sven posting a one liner about something vaguely relevant and and and and Owen "quite" ing and AD roaring at everyone and calling them weak fucking slaves and everyone else looking around confused with Scott rolling his eyes silently as CD comments on everyones' sexuality and Heidi laughing at everyone's misery.

Oh, and Sarah commenting on the size of her penis. [nod]

oh oh oh

and spoons going "FIGHT, MY PEONS, FIGHT!"

Oh, and [llama is] the grand finale, although it's late and I won't explain why my little cup cake.
- Jason, R+M   [link] [Rating: 0]
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