This manís name was Ravi Sriskandarajah. He was 32 years old, and studying at University, trying to earn a degree from an Australian university in chemical engineering, as the Australian education system does not recognise his degree from the university of Calcutta. Ravi was driving a taxi on the night shift four times a week to pay his rent, sending every spare penny home to his family to pay for their eventual emigration to Sydney. Currently, Ravi is sitting upright in the front seat of his taxi, with a screwdriver through his left eye. He has been robbed of the $35 he was carrying, and the gold watch his grandfather gave him for graduating university. The Australian authorities have no idea how to contact his family. It will be six weeks before they find out that Ravi has been killed.
- Gregor Stronach   [link] [Rating: 3]
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