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22 Jan 2012

Sup. I'm Scott. This is my site.

I just updated the forums to phpBB 3.0.RC7, so that's fun.

A bit about me, then:

I work at Lowe's Home Improvement where I make the work a better place by selling electrical supplies and teaching people how to not kill themselves with electricity. Though some of them I probably should leave to their own devices. I'm there five days a week, nine hours a day, and boy is it fun. It actually is. Other than the complete and total understaffing and the mostly bumbling management who are slightly out of touch with reality, Lowe's is a fine place to work.

The Vancouver Zoo is special. It has a lot of ducks.

I live with three other people, two cats, and a dog. We have a house and it is many colors. I like to work on it. Currently, we are demolishing the basement to remove last years water damage and we plant to make it into a bar.

The dog, Kosmo, sleeps all the time and is really lazy. The same can be said for both the cats, Polaris and Wolverine. Actually, the same can be said for all four people that live here. Yes, I enjoy sleeping and being lazy.

Watching movies is a lot of fun. Lately, I've been watching James Bond films. Sometimes, they are really terrible.

Right, well then, look around a bit or something. I'm sure there is a broken link or ten, and couple of half-finished projects just waiting to blow up your computer.

29 Nov 2007
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